Inverted Wing Skirt | Grey [Final Sale]

$59.00 $29.50

Product Details:
Obsessed! We just can't get enough of our wing skirt collection!
Knit fabric.
Pull on.
Asymetric sides.

Paired in photo with our black high neck Henley.

Fabric & Care:
43.2% Polyester
26% Nylon
16% Acrylic
10 Spandex
4.8 Wool
Machine wash cold.
Lay flat to dry.

Knit fabric tends to cling. Keep in mind when purchasing to wear with oversized or long top or size up. 

Skirt Length:
XS 27.5
S 28.5
M 29.5
L 30.5
XS 24
S 25
M 27
L 29
XL 31